At Tender Care Learning Center of Whitehall, Pennsylvania, we strive to make you feel like a welcomed part of the family! Each morning, our staff and teachers greet each child with enthusiasm, setting the tone for a day of fun and creativity. Our approach is to teach while having fun, encouraging children to learn and explore at their own pace to foster a lifelong love of learning. We also work to make sure children can enjoy other activities, such as taking Choi Kwang Do lessons or playing soccer at our school!


We are conveniently located in a safe, quiet neighborhood near Rt. 51 and the bus and trolley lines, and we are close to McAnnulty and St. Gabriel’s elementary schools. Inside, you’ll find each teacher’s photo and bio displayed on the walls, and the children’s artwork proudly displayed in each classroom. 


Address: 300 Weyman Plaza, Suite 100 Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Phone: (412) 881-6720

Email: whi@tendercarelc.org


Director:  Jill Blair